Table of Contents

The Ethic of Human Repair




Section I – Preparing the Soil of the Soul

  1. The Human Condition: something is missing
  2. About Transformation and Redemption
  3. The Optimal Approach for reading Human Repair
  4. Secrets about Secrets

 Section II – Planting the Logic of Free Will 

  1. The Language of Free Will
  2. The Survival Imperative
  3. Principles of Paradox
  4. The Primacy of Perception
  5. Causality, Power and the Will
  6. The Structure of a Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  7. Personal Freedom 

Section III –  Gardening the Soul aka

                       Curing a Chronic Personal Problem:

                       an application of The Logic of Free Will 

  1. What Chronic Personal Problems and Idolatry have in Common
  2. Worship, Prayer, Repentance and Forgiveness
  3. Doing Good for G-d sake
  4. The Cemetery


Final Remarks 

  1. Rectification of the Human Condition:  an Embodied Vision
  2. Implications for the field of Psychotherapy
  3. Torah – A Chosen Source of Wisdom